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MSC & Valencia Port joint venture

MSC &  Valencia Port joint venture

Swiss-based Shipping Company (MSC) has joined the Port of Valencia, Spain, on a pilot Internet-of-Things (IoT) project, heading by Traxens, a global solution developer for monitoring and coordinating multimodal transport.

The trial project, launched in September 2018, is aimed at operational efficiency improvement of the port due to easy monitoring of on-site road activity, improved fleet management as well as pre- and post-carriage management.

As part of the project, MSC Spain trucks have been equipped with Traxens’ IoT devices, allowing for near real-time tracking of vehicles movement. This can help port authorities to predict and manage potential congestions, as well as to anticipate truck arrivals at the gates.


Ship of the Year Award

Ship of the Year Award

The MV Afros has been named ‘Ship of the Year’ at the Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards 2018.

The 64,000 dwt Ultramax vessel is the first geared dry bulk carrier to be equipped with Flettner Rotors. Designed and installed by British company Anemoi Marine Technologies, the Flettner Rotor system makes use of the Magnus Effect to lower net fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions. Additionally, the rotors can be moved away from cargo handling gear, allowing for easier port operations.

“There has been significant momentum building in wind technologies over the past few years and this award recognises the hard work of all those involved in this project. This is a positive result for the advancement of Flettner Rotor technology and more broadly, innovations in renewable energy sources for the commercial shipping industry,” Nick Contopoulos, Director of Anemoi, said.



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Can't Remember Your Password?

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Hyperloop Containers Moving at Hamburg Port

Hyperloop Containers Moving at Hamburg Port

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG  and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies have established a joint venture aimed at system developing that would enable transporting containers at high speed through a tube to and from the Port of Hamburg.

As explained, the goal of this joint venture is to develop and later market a Hyperloop transport system for shipping containers.

Initially, plans include the construction of a transfer station for testing purposes at the terminal in Hamburg and the development of a transport capsule for standard shipping containers.

With the Hyperloop transport system, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG is pursuing the goal of developing an additional component of efficient logistic  in Germany.
As gateway to the future, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG want to employ innovative approaches to make a contribution towards relieving the strain on the transport infrastructure in Port of Hamburg and to use the capacities of the terminal facilities in an even more efficient way.

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