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Don't miss out on a good deal with our Repossesed Inventory

REPO is short for the repossessed inventory, meaning vehicles listed for resale.
Buying one of the repossessed vehicles, you will pay only two mandatory fees ( AuctionExport fee and Paperwork fee).

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If you have any questions or need a price quote, feel free to contact our Customer Support department nadine@auctionexport.com


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“Order a car” option is a simple way to let us know what cars you are looking for. AuctionExport team will start searching for a vehicle to match your requirements. You will start receiving emails with offers 24 hours after the form has been submitted.
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Use "Notify Me" service and track all freshly added cars on the website!

Every registered AuctionExport member can save search results directly from the website with the click of a button and the system will keep you updated with all freshly added offers according to the given search results.

Once you filtered out the type of the vehicle that you would like to get notifications on, click SAVE THIS SEARCH in the left-bottom corner.

Then you can go to your Profile, click SERVICES and then EDIT. In the pop-up window you will be able to indicate whether you want to receive the updates to your profile or your registered e-mail, and the duration and frequency of notification. We will notify you as soon as specified type of car is added to the website's inventory.

In the same tab, you can add and set up parameters for new updates manually by clicking ADD NEW VEHICLE.



Canada Announces New Arctic Shipping Regulations

Canada Announces New Arctic Shipping Regulations

Transport Canada has unveiled new Arctic Shipping Safety and Pollution Prevention Regulations. The legislation will include the Polar Code, which addresses the dangers of operating in the Arctic and Antarctic.

There will be new safety and pollution prevention measures (vessel design and equipment, vessel operations and crew training) as well as measures to protect the coastal areas and ensure responsible shipping through the CAD 1.5-billion Oceans Protection Plan, the largest investment ever made to protect Canada’s coasts and waterways. More than CAD 175 million (around USD 140 million) will be dedicated to protecting the Arctic waters.

“These new regulations demonstrate Canada’s leadership on the international stage when it comes to shipping safety and pollution prevention in the Arctic. Under the Oceans Protection Plan, we will continue to protect the safety of those who travel on Canada’s waters and safeguard our coasts for future generations,” Marc Garneau, the Minister of Transport, stated.


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