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What is Gift Certificate promo code ?

Gift Certificate promo code is a coupon with code that you can get from your friends or relatives who have already purchased a car with AuctionExport.

This field is optional in the registration form, so you can skip it and complete registration without the code -


Membership Levels

If you make at least 3 qualifying purchases during a calendar year, you become Silver Member of Auctionexport which brings you a 10% discount on our services (auto inspection, financing, ocean insurance and more).

Every year on December 31st, we check your Membership Level and qualifying purchases you've made during the previous 12 months. To keep your membership level, you need to have a required number of qualifying purchases.


Paperwork Handling

AuctionExport can ship any of your cars to the destination port of your choice almost anywhere in the world. Moreover, we will handle the whole documentation work that is required for the vehicle to be exported. Only $70 documentation fee is applied for the postage service. All original ownership and shipping documents will be mailed to the USA / Canada Customs, and then will be mailed to you by courier express post. The Original Bill of lading and the Car Title are sent 5-7 days prior of vehicle or container arrival.

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New Funding for FUELSAVE

German cleantech provider FUELSAVE has secured €3.4 million ($4 million) in new funding through Dreamcraft Ventures.


The two tranches of investment will help FUELSAVE increase the production of its advanced combustion conditioning solution, FS Marine+. The retrofit solution reduces both primary fuel consumption and emissions, and is compatible with current and future fuels.  


FS Marine+ optimizes combustion by using advanced combustion conditioning, making combustion cleaner and more efficient, thus cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 30 to 80%. The system can be easily installed and does not require any modifications of the engine parts.


“Although not a silver bullet, advanced combustion conditioning has the potential to truly contribute to building a low-carbon future for shipping and is one of the few ways in which shipowners can reduce their emissions now, without requiring major changes to their engines and vessels,” FUELSAVE CEO Marc Sima said.




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