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The CITROЁN C3 Aircross: Your Ultimate Comfort and Eco-Friendly Drive! 🌟

The new CITROЁN C3 Aircross, a vehicle designed with your comfort and the environment in mind. With hybrid and electric powertrain options, you can now choose the drive that suits both your preferences and our planet. 🌍

Built on the Smart Car platform, this model ensures unparalleled flexibility and efficiency across different power units, promising a smooth ride every time. Plus, with its spacious 7-seat interior and enhanced ground clearance, safety and comfort for you and your passengers are guaranteed. 🚗💨

Experience peace and luxury on every journey with the new CITROЁN C3 Aircross - the epitome of comfort and eco-consciousness. 🛣️✨


Sell your cars worldwide!

AuctionExport provides export of vehicles worldwide. To post the offer on our platform you need to be a licensed dealer in North America. Please note, a dealer license is required.

If you want to sell your cars with us, follow the link:, fill out a special form, and click on "Register As A Seller" button. 

Let us know if you have any questions: 📧 1-416-900-33-03 📞



Most auction cars, listed on the website, are scheduled for a specific time and date of the LIVE SALE. That particular event takes place regardless of AuctionExport and we can help you join sales for cars you choose, so you can try and win one. Please pay your attention to the TIME LEFT before the auction; when it runs out a car will be sold to the highest bidder.

Before the live sale, you can place your bids on cars through our website, which is the PRE-bidding round; not the actual sale yet.

When the time runs out, the option of placing bids at our site becomes unavailable and you can see 'pre-bidding closed' and 'listing expired' notifications.

If you see an auction car you like, be sure to put the deposit for bidding before the live sale starts so you don't miss the deal.

Login link -

Direct link -


Repair Magic: Revolutionary Technologies and Materials for Instant Car Restoration!

Thanks to new technologies and materials, the automotive industry is experiencing a revolution in the field of vehicle restoration.

These technologies open up new opportunities for car owners, allowing them to keep their cars in perfect condition with minimal time and effort.

Join us to learn more about how innovative technologies and materials can make car owners' lives easier and safer. Click on the link and read the new article! >>


Video guides for new and experienced car shoppers

Dear clients,

On our YouTube channel you can watch video tutorials on how to register, use a profile, participate in a Live Bidding and much more. Simply click on a Video Help button

How to Register, Login and Retrieve your Password:

How to buy your car with AuctionExport:

Fast and Easy Way to Buy a Car - ORDER A CAR:


Everything you should know about Ground and Ocean transportation:

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