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Auction Export helps to find and purchase cars for customers from over 100 countries.

Our company made it the main advantage that there’s absolutely no need for you to go abroad, to check everything on your own and put yourself through a stressful deal-searching and closing process.
Get access to over 250 000 vehicles from North America’s auto market.-



Ernst Russ Buys 2 Vessels

Ernst Russ Buys 2 Vessels
German investment firm Ernst Russ has acquired the majority ownership in a ship portfolio which includes one 38,000 dwt bulker and one 3,100 TEU containership.

The 2 ships, Handysize bulker Rubina and Panamax boxship Hebe (renamed Independent Horizon), are operated by Peter Dohle Schiffahrts KG.

Ernst Russ said it expects to generate steady revenue from the vessels. The acquisition (purchase price undisclosed) should also strengthen its position as an asset manager focused on shipping.

Ernst Russ currently oversees more than 100 vessels and plans to expand its fleet.


Blockchain retire Bill of Lading

Blockchain retire Bill of Lading

Nowadays it is possible to retire the paper bill of lading in our digital world.
The joint venture of Grieg Star and Gearbulk and Manuchar NV carried out by G2 Ocean test of CargoX’s blockchain.

Paper Bills of Lading are already considered as historic artifacts.
The Smart ones will bring cost optimization, document transaction reliability and improved data security into their processes.
The CargoX Smart B/L is a solution for digital transfer of bills of lading issued by any cargo shipper around the world. The system allows transferring the ownership document securely and reliably within minutes while it takes days or weeks to send a document via regular courier services.

According to G2 Ocean, the new approach prevents delays and business damage or loss, demurrage and other costs.

The solution is powered by the blockchain document transaction system technology. Compared to classic IT systems, the CargoX Smart B/L enables users to state and transfer ownership, create bills of lading, and also attach other accompanying documentation in electronic format.

Documents can be transferred among parties to a specific process in a way similar to a banking transaction. They can also be amended or annulled if needed too.


First Marine LPG Export Terminal In Canada

First Marine LPG Export Terminal In Canada
Energy infrastructure company AltaGas has announced the opening of the Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal (RIPET), the first marine export facility for propane in Canada.

The terminal is located in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. It saw its first shipment depart for Asia on May 23.

The demand for cleaner fuels in overseas markets is on the rise and AltaGas wants to make sure they don't miss out on this crucial opportunity. According to CEO Randy Crawford, “The completion of this game-changing project and the shipment of our first cargo are historic milestones for AltaGas. The facility will make significant long-term contributions to international trade, support economic growth in northern B.C., and provide immediate access to clean-burning fuel in Asian markets, where demand is particularly strong.

RIPET plans to ship roughly 1.2 million tons of propane to customers in Asia each year.




After the vehicle and freight are paid, we arrange a pick up of the vehicle from the point of sale with a flatbed truck or a trailer and load them as per instructions.

All vehicles are insured during ground transportation. Once a vehicle is delivered to an exit port, depending on which shipping line is being used, it will take about 2-3 weeks to clear before this can be loaded into a vessel.

Feel free to use the Shipping Calculator for approximate costs of ground delivery -

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