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Still not a member?

To become an AuctionExport Silver Member you would need to purchase and pay in full for 3 vehicles within 1 calendar year.

Silver Membership Perks:

Auto Inspection - 10%

Financing - 10%

Ocean insurance - 10%

Any REPO car discount - 100$

Vehicle History Reports - 5

Watch our Video Tutorial for more information.

You can also reach Golden and Platinum levels and get even more benefits. The higher your level - the greater opportunities to save your money. Check Everything you need to Upgrade your level:

*Reach new Membership status with Required amount of purchase should be done within 1 calendar year (1/01/2021 - 31/12/2021). If the total amount of purchases does not correspond to the required status, the Membership level will be downgraded or lost. All purchased should be paid in full till the end of the year to qualify for the upgrade.


Greener Future for European Ports

The European Horizon 2020 program will grant the Port of Antwerp €25 million for a comprehensive project looking to make European ports greener.

The Port of Antwerp-led PIONEERS consortium includes 46 stakeholders representing ports, transport operators, forwarders, knowledge institutes, technology developers, and public entities. The project's planned time frame is 5 years. 

In order to reach its goal of carbon neutrality by the year 2050, the Port of Antwerp is pursuing dialogue within a wide network. PIONEERS is seen as a perfect platform for reaching innovative solutions.

“Port of Antwerp aims to be the first world port that reconciles economy, people and climate. In order to be climate-neutral by 2050, we need to act now,” CEO Jacques Vandermeiren said.


How to Bid?

To proceed with purchasing through - Initial Deposit has to be available in your Account. The minimum deposit amount is $600 or 10% of the price of a car you want to buy.

Once there is a deposit in your account, you can select the way of bidding. There are 3 ways of bidding: 

1. Live on the phone bidding. If you submit a live on the phone request you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives 5 minutes before the bidding starts. During the live sale our sales representative will tell you the current bid amounts and you will tell him whether to bid or stop. 

2. Online real-time auction. This option allows you to compete with local and international competitors in real time. The minimum required deposit is $1000 or 15% of the bid amount. Demo version:

3. BID OPTION provides you with an opportunity to make pre-bidding, which means that AuctionExport collects pre-bids from its customers before the particular auction starts and then the company represents you during the real bidding. If your bid is the highest bid of the live sale and meets the seller reserve then you are the winner.

Deposit will stay safely in your account till the time you choose and win a car successfully. 

Contact us for assistance: 1-416-900-33-03


Shipping Calculator

Get an approximate shipping cost of the vehicle to your destination by using the Shipping Calculator.
You can also calculate your expected shipping cost within a few seconds on every vehicle's page.
For an exact quote please contact our Shipping Department at


$50 discount on your second purchase 🎁

Already bought a car with AuctionExport? To make your next purchase even better, we’d like to give you a $50 bonus. 

Hurry up and use this bonus, it’ll expire after 60 days. Take a look at our inventory right now and place an initial deposit to start buying today.

Contact us for assistance: 1-416-900-33-03

*From April 1st - May 31st, 2021. Promo valid on second purchase only, for clients who already purchased and paid in full for 1 vehicle. Can not be combined with any other promotions and discounts. Not redeemable as a cash. Non refundable.

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