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Climatic conditions determine the choice of car: a study of the blog reveals key aspects

When choosing a car, many factors are taken into account: cost, economy, safety. But one of the factors that are not always taken into account are climatic conditions. A new blog post looks at exactly this aspect, highlighting that climate plays a key role in choosing a car.

Different climatic zones create different requirements for car characteristics. For example, in regions with changeable winters and heavy precipitation, the demand for cars with long mileage and excellent safety systems is increasing. At the same time, in hot areas where air conditioning and cooling systems are highly important, cars with an efficient air conditioning system are becoming desirable.

The article urges drivers to pay attention to the local climate and make their car choices wisely, taking into account all possible aspects, including those related to weather conditions.
Read more at the link:


Why is it better to entrust the deal to AuctionExport than to buy a car directly from a dealer: we understand the details

What is the advantage of using AuctionExport?

By entrusting your transaction to AuctionExport, you get access to a wider selection, professional support and save time and money. Read more about the benefits of cooperation with AuctionExport in our telegram channel, where there is always a lot of interesting and useful content for car enthusiasts. Follow the link and subscribe today! >> AuctionExportTelegram


Take advantage of our Shipping Calculator

Get an approximate shipping cost of the vehicle to your destination by using the Shipping Calculator.
You can also calculate your expected shipping cost within a few seconds on every vehicle's page.
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Tires: key aspects of driving safety and efficiency

Tires are one of the most important elements of automotive safety and efficiency. They provide contact between the car and the road, affecting handling, traction, braking and wear resistance. In our latest blog, we take a detailed look at how choosing the right tires can improve your safety on the road and reduce fuel consumption.

Overall, understanding the key aspects of driving safety and efficiency, including the role of tires, will help every driver make more informed choices and ensure a safer and more efficient journey on the road. It should be remembered that tires are not only a part of the car, but also a key factor of safety and comfort for every driver.


Vehicle History Report

On you can order vehicle history reports in packages for $15, $30 and $50.

To order the Vehicle History Report, simply login and go to the “Services” tab in your profile page > 

Please note, that to order this service you should have a positive account balance > 

Let us know if you have any questions: 📧 1-416-900-33-03 📞

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