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Why should I place a deposit?

To proceed with purchase with AuctionExport the initial deposit has to be available in your account. Required amount is 10% of BuyNow/bid, but not less than $600.

Please note that some of the auctions and live sales require $1,000 as a minimum deposit.

Deposit allows you to use the BID and BUY NOW options.


1 - Login > go to section FINANCE > Make a Payment:

2 - Select the preferable payment method - Credit / Debit Card or Bank Wire Transfer

3 - Send us the Confirmation of Payment and valid ID Copy.

The deposit is required for reserving the car from the seller for you and it will be fully included in the total amount and you need to pay the remaining balance. 

If someone raises the BID amount above your bid at the live auction, you can leave it, without losing your deposit; the same amount would stay in your account, as there are no charges for Your Bidding Attempts.

Your deposit can be in your profile unlimited period of time till you purchase a car or you can request a refund if you buy nothing.


The way to safe roads: Artificial intelligence

In a world where road safety is becoming more and more of a problem, science is turning to innovative solutions. One of the most promising approaches is the use of artificial intelligence and autopilots to prevent accidents.

With the help of computer algorithms, systems can predict traffic and react to negative factors faster than a human reflex.

The role of autopilots in increasing road safety attracts special attention. Thanks to automatic control, they can avoid collisions and react to unforeseen situations, providing reliable control over the car.

Read more here:


The 2025 Cupra Leon: Elevating Performance and Style!

🔥 Commanding attention like never before, this hatchback boasts bold lines and dynamic contours that set it apart on any road.

🛋️ Step inside and immerse yourself in luxury and comfort. The cabin has been meticulously crafted with premium amenities and cutting-edge technology, including an ergonomic three-spoke steering wheel and a 12.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

💪 Unleash exhilarating power with a range of engine options tailored to suit every driving preference. From gasoline to mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and turbodiesel, the 2025 Cupra Leon offers power outputs ranging from 150 PS to 333 PS, ensuring an unforgettable driving experience that leaves you craving for more.

Info source:
Photo: Cupra


Stay Updated with Notify Me Service!

You can activate "Notify Me" service on your profile so you will be updated with fresh offers of cars you are interested in. Simply login to your profile, go to the section “Services”, select “Notify Me” option and add any vehicle with all your preferences. This way you will be receiving fresh offers to your mailbox. 

Once you see a listing that you like or you are ready to start buying, please let us know so we could provide you with further guidance.  | 1-416-900-33-03 


How safety in the automotive industry evolved from passive to active technologies

From traditional passive systems such as airbags and seat belts to the latest active technologies that predict, avoid or mitigate the consequences of accidents.

Since the evolution of electronics, car manufacturers have developed systems that automatically respond to potentially dangerous situations. From automatic braking systems to lane-keeping assist systems, modern cars not only react to danger, but actively work to prevent it.

Our blog article will explore this exciting journey of safety in the automotive industry, revealing key milestones and highlighting future trends. Join us and learn more about the evolution of safety systems that make our roads safer for everyone.>>

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