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817 Reviews

Nigeria    Mr. Kingsley
15.09.2020 10:15
The vehicle was delivered to my house today by the clearing agent.
Thanks once again for the service, very much appreciated.

Ghana    Mr. Daniel
05.09.2020 13:03
I want to thank you for your warm assistance during my purchase of the Chrysler 2012. i am looking forward to doing business again with auctionexport soon.

Norway    Mr. Tonny
31.08.2020 08:28
Great support.. Peter Reed is always there to give answers on my questions and follow ups.

Nigeria    Mr. Solomon
31.08.2020 06:40
I am happy to inform you that i have gotten my car and a very big thank you to you and the entire AuctionExport for a job well done. I got exactly what i was expecting and the car is real cool with no complain. Thank you and may God bless you as i look forward to doing more business with your company. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank You!!!

Ghana    Mr. Daniel
25.08.2020 08:22
Customer service agents Xena and Casey and Anna of collection department were very friendly, professional and helpful, I certainly enjoyed the experience. Good work from the shipping department as well, great service from all the teams.
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