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28.07.2021 2:56
All the staff who sent emails are very good and really appreciate them especially Lisa. Very polite and answer all questions

Kuwait    Mr. Sunday
19.07.2021 10:25
My car (2012 Toyota RAV4 SPORT) that I bought through AuctionExport has been delivered. The experience was pleasant and above all many testisfied that the car was a perfect choice and is clean and neat. Thanks and God bless.

Ghana    Mr. Nawaratu
16.07.2021 12:43
This is my first time of buying a car from you. I really enjoy your services. Your representatives are good, Am so excited. Thank you very much. Am so grateful. Auctionexport.com you are number one. Wow, the agent was friendly, he was there for me, he did everything to make sure I didn't face any challenge in clearing my car. The agent is the best to work with. Am happy to be associated with an agent like this. Thank you Auction.

Ghana    Mr. Ernest
12.07.2021 10:48
You guys are the best

Norway    Mr. Morten
11.07.2021 9:36
Everything outstanding
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