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Nigeria    Mr. Abubakar
15.09.2017 16:45
Thanks, ur services are the best. I'm so grateful. Keep it up.

Ghana    Mr. ABDUL
12.09.2017 10:30
Am happy with the device and all the staff with the auction export are very kind to the customers

Netherlands    Mr. Onno
11.09.2017 3:19
Very fast delivery

Nigeria    Mr. Joel
09.09.2017 20:33
My experience with my agent , Lisa was satisfactory as responses were prompt through the period of bidding to purchase. Experience with the shipping department contact person (Victoria ) was also good. I only got agitated between dispatch to arrival at exit port. Beside that the experience was superb. Thanks to Auction Export

Nigeria    Mr. Roland
06.09.2017 22:52
I wish to appreciate and congratulate Auction Export for being trust worthy. The Isuzu Trooper Vin #: JACDJ58X417XXXXXX which I bought from them was shipped to me and I have received it. Thanks to you. But let me quickly observe that the idea of canceling transactions at the peak of purchase or removing vehicles from auction and buy now option at peak is not really fair to your clients. This can be avoided by making sure vehicles are actually for sale before putting them for auction or buy now option. All the same, I will continue to do business with Auction Export for their good and prompt services. I will as well recommend Auction Export to friends and prospective vehicle buyers.
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