Car Shipping Prices, Estimate Cost Of Overseas Car Shipping At USA-Auction Export

Estimated Cost for an Overseas Car Shipment

The cost of shipping a car overseas varies greatly. The deciding factors like the distance to be traversed, the size of the vehicle and the conditions under which the ship operates, obviously differ from time to time. Another significant reason for the dramatic change in the expenditure is the destination to which the car has to be reached or the place from where the car is to be brought. A considerable number of cars are shipped to various destinations but all of it is done easily at a reasonable price.

Exporting cars from USA to Europe will be around seven hundred and fifty dollars while to Australia, the cost of shipping rises to 2950 dollars. The rise in the car export shipping cost USA is due to the weight and size of the automobile.

Car export overseas is done in ocean liners. You may be lucky enough to get free space to put in a few of your household items too. Of course for this extra service you will have to make an extra payment. For transportation of the car and household items to Australia an estimated cost of 3200 to 4600 dollars is what you have to pay.

The time when you will be able to get your car will depend entirely on the time taken by the ship to reach the port. The distance between the destination and the harbor is another deciding factor. The car exporter will tell you in detail about the time that will be taken by them to transport the vehicle and also the allied costs.

There is no difficulty in shipping your car from the major cities of the USA. If you live anywhere near the shipping terminal the cost of transportation is obviously less. If you reside at a distance the shipping company or the automobile movers will take charge of reaching the export vehicle to its destination. For this they will charge a fee. The fee charged will again depend on the distance they have to travel. The price range is usually within 100 to 900dollars.

The insurance of the car is a must, in order to remain safe from the unforeseen accident that may occur during the transportation of the vehicle. The insurance for a car is usually a maximum of 2.5 % of the total value of the car. There are automobile policies that pay for the transportation cost. At certain ports in Europe, taxes have to be paid in order to enter into a country. This fee is around 200 dollars and for the loading as well as unloading the charge is extra. Added to this is the cost of documentation. For the various forms to be filled, the export permit and the notarized title, separate fees need to be paid.

The benefit of shipping your car to another destination is that you are most certain of receiving the car in the same condition in which it left USA. Air transportation is more expensive and road transportation is rather risky and causes a lot of damage.

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