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How long does it take to get my car?

We can arrange the whole transportation process of the purchased car to your country, to almost any destination in the world >https://www.auctionexport.com/en/Home/Shipping When it comes to shipping, we're always trying to ship cars as fast as possible. Approximately it'll take 45-60 days for the car to reach the destination port. Once we get the information about the car, it is always reflected in your profile and you're notified via email within 24 hours maximum. For more detailed information about the shipping process of your vehicle, you can refer to our Shipping department agents at any time.

Read more here >https://www.auctionexport.com/en/Home/Shipping/Time-of-Transportation

Let us know if you have any questions: shipping@auctionexport.com 📧 1-416-900-33-03 📞


Special offers for you: REPO cars at low prices and minimal costs!

Here's why you should consider REPO as a profitable option:

Unbelievable discounts: All REPO cars are sold at incredibly low prices, allowing you to save a lot of money when buying.

Minimal Charges: When you buy a REPO car, you pay minimal fees and charges, saving you money.

Fast delivery: Most REPO cars are already in the process of delivery or even in your country. Save your time and money by choosing a fast and convenient way to get your new car.

All AuctionExport REPO cars are marked with a special REPO sticker to make it easier for you to find those great deals. Don't waste time - check out the hot deals now and pick up your dream car while they're still available!

Special offers for you:





Learn How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Buying a Used Car

In the fast-paced world of used car transactions, avoiding common pitfalls is crucial for a seamless and satisfying buying experience. Our recent blog post, titled "The most common mistakes when buying a used car and how to avoid them," delves into the intricacies of navigating the pre-owned car market.

The article begins by shedding light on the significance of research. Many buyers often overlook the importance of thorough research on the make, model, and history of the desired vehicle. Our blog post emphasizes the need to leverage online resources, vehicle history reports, and expert opinions to make well-informed decisions.

To access the full article on avoiding typical mistakes when buying a used car, visit our blog and click on the provided link: http://www.auctionexportblog.com/the-most-common-mistakes-when-buying-a-used-car-and-how-to-avoid-them/
Arm yourself with knowledge and make your next used car purchase a smooth and successful venture.


How can you find the cheapest cars?🚗

In the section Dealer&Repo Inventory there are offers with discounts and minimum fees >https://m.auctionexport.com/en/cars/repo

Here you can find cars below $1,000https://m.auctionexport.com/cars/under1k

Also, please notice that you can get a very affordable vehicle at Auto Auction. Place your Bid and Compete with international Buyers. Check FREE trial to get familiar with the process -https://m.auctionexport.com/en/Auctions 

If you can’t find the car you need, don’t worry, our team is full of highly qualified professionals always ready to find the best deals for you! To use our buying options start with an initial deposit. Minimum deposit required is $600 only >https://m.auctionexport.com/en/Profile/FinanceDeposit

Save your time and money with AuctionExport.

Let us know if you have any questions: help@auctionexport.com 📧 | 1-416-900-33-03 


AuctionExport - Notify Me Service

Every registered user of AuctionExport.com can navigate the vehicle inventory with the help of the Notify Me service, which is free of charge and easy to activate. 

Go to your registered profile, open the section “Services” and setup the filters on the make, model, year range for the type of car you wish to be updated on. 

The system will be gathering all the listings that suit your preferences during the next 24 hours and sending the list to your Inbox on a daily basis for however long you prefer. 

NOTIFY ME Subscribe to Free email alerts for the freshly added cars

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