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Can't Remember Your Password?

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Hyperloop Containers Moving at Hamburg Port

Hyperloop Containers Moving at Hamburg Port

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG  and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies have established a joint venture aimed at system developing that would enable transporting containers at high speed through a tube to and from the Port of Hamburg.

As explained, the goal of this joint venture is to develop and later market a Hyperloop transport system for shipping containers.

Initially, plans include the construction of a transfer station for testing purposes at the terminal in Hamburg and the development of a transport capsule for standard shipping containers.

With the Hyperloop transport system, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG is pursuing the goal of developing an additional component of efficient logistic  in Germany.
As gateway to the future, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG want to employ innovative approaches to make a contribution towards relieving the strain on the transport infrastructure in Port of Hamburg and to use the capacities of the terminal facilities in an even more efficient way.


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Check our video guidances to get a detailed explanation on how AuctionExport Company works and what kind of services you can get.

We made our video helps as detailed as possible to show you all features that you can access from your client profile on a computer from the comfort of your desktop.



WinGD Joins LNG Marine Fuel Institute

WinGD Joins LNG Marine Fuel Institute

Marine technology company WinGD has joined the LNG Marine Fuel Institute.

WinGD specializes in the advancement of LNG as fuel in the shipping industry and the LNG Marine Fuel Institute works with affiliated government and non-government bodies worldwide to advocate for LNG as a marine fuel.

WinGD Vice President Rolf Stiefel stated: “Collaboration with like-minded industry leaders is the key to ensuring stable and environmentally sustainable growth for the maritime sector. We are proud to be joining LNG Marine Fuel Institute to help further strengthen their voice in advocating for LNG as a marine fuel.”

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