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New Container Loading Record

New Container Loading Record

MOL Tribute, a containership operated by Ocean Network Express has set a new loading record of 19,190 TEUs.

MOL Tribute achieved the record this year on its Singapore westward departure to North Europe on February 11, and it was the first time for Ocean Network Express to exceed 19,000 TEUs containers onboard.

With a length of 400 meters and a width of almost 60 meters, boxship has a gross tonnage of more than 210 thousand tons and it was built at Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in South Korea in 2017.

The previous loading record of 18,767 TEUs was set in late December 2018 by MOL Tradition. The boxship achieved the record on its Singapore westbound departure last year on December 29.



Once you have a deposit cleared in your account, you'll also get an access to a very special ORDER A CAR service, when our sales team will assist you with the search for desirable vehicle not only on our web site, but through all possible sources of North American auto market, so you'd have more options to choose from.

To have a look at the ORDER A CAR form, simply login and go to the Services tab - https://www.auctionexport.com/en/Profile/Order_Car

We will find  a car from North America according to all your specifications ( color, make, model, condition, trim, engine capacity and so forth).



Happy Friday !

If you prefer to buy a vehicle right away with the Buy Now option rather than bid for it, there is no better day to close the deal than Friday!

Every Buy Now purchase on Friday gives you a discount of $50 on Auction Buyer fee.

Please browse through all current offers online -

​https://www.auctionexport.com/en/Inventory ​


Electric Car Carrier

Electric Car Carrier

Iceland Technology company designed a new ferry, that can fully operate in electric mode. Except 550 passengers it can carry 75 cars on its 70 meters board. However it was not created for long distance trip so far, but it gives a hope-giving start for cargo ships, that use solely electricity. 

Aside from the large battery pack, for emergency situations the ferry is equipped with a diesel-electric generator set, as the weather on that routing is known for its harshness. 
The new ferry will significantly reduce ships' polluting impact and improve cargo connection between Iceland and mainland 


Keep tabs on the new arrivals !

Log-in > Profile > Services

As a registered member on the website, you can subscribe your Profile to regular email notifications with the type of car you're looking for. Simply login to your Profile, go to the section Services and click ADD VEHICLE. In the same section, you can even choose how often you'd like to receive the updates.

Direct Link  https://www.auctionexport.com/en/Profile/Notifications


Or, you can save your search results.

Log-in > Search > Save This Search

Another way to keep tabs on the freshly added cars is to save your search results when browsing through the inventory. To use the option, please stay logged in. When you have chosen all the necessary parameters in the search bar, click the button SAVE THIS SEARCH. 
Direct link – https://www.auctionexport.com/en/Inventory

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