Please note that Ports of America changed its regulations in regards to NON DRIVABLE and EXTENSIVE DAMAGED vehicles. Please note that Auction Export will now use container shipping for all extensive damaged, non drivable vehicles that have to be forklifted and are going to WEST AFRICA. All drivable vehicles without visible extensive damage will sail by RORO as usual, vehicles that are non drivable and do not have extensive damage will be accepted by container consolidation. Ports of destination will stay the same as Tincan Port for Nigeria and Tema port for Ghana.
Import Process
集装箱: 满载时,集装箱会被分给提供的收货人。非满载时,集装箱会被分给一个目标代理,然后这个目标代理就会将货物分发给各自的收货人。

滚装滚卸: 收货人会在港口通过提货单原件或电子版收到车辆。

文件: 一旦美国海关收到了所有权和海运提单,它们就会通过快递员送到收货人手中。

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