Please note that Ports of America changed its regulations in regards to NON DRIVABLE and EXTENSIVE DAMAGED vehicles. Please note that Auction Export will now use container shipping for all extensive damaged, non drivable vehicles that have to be forklifted and are going to WEST AFRICA. All drivable vehicles without visible extensive damage will sail by RORO as usual, vehicles that are non drivable and do not have extensive damage will be accepted by container consolidation. Ports of destination will stay the same as Tincan Port for Nigeria and Tema port for Ghana.
Import Process
Import Process

Please note that we are currently offering 2 types of ocean shipping to NIGERIA. Those are RORO and CONTAINER Consolidation shipping. Below we will briefly explain the importation process for each of the shipping types.

General Information
Before Vessel Arrives:
  • Container information is given to the agent by Auction Export.
  • Customs gives the agent an estimated value.
    Later, customs inspects the goods to confirm if there is any discrepancy. If anything contrary is found, customs will raise the value by giving DN (debit note). Additional customs Duty would have to be paid.
  • The agent then contacts the clients, so they can make payments towards the clearing of their vehicles. This should be done at least two weeks before the arrival of the container in order to avoid delays and extra charges.
There is no exact value amount stipulated for vehicles. They are charged based on the weight, year, make, model and sometimes condition of the car.
Steps to Pick up your Vehicle
Note: ‎Container clearing takes an estimated 3-5 working days.
Vessel arrives and containers are discharged and taken to the container terminal.
The container is booked for examination.
The container is examined.
Nigeria Customs gives valuation for each car in the container.
The Container is released.
Shipping company payments are made and documents are received.
Exit is confirmed at the gate. Agent takes delivery of the goods for distribution to the respective owners.
* More so, clients can go to the custom office to confirm the valuation of their cars.
Valuation is a customs written document given to agents. It enables them to know the amount needed to be paid. Customs has its own data/information for all cars being imported into the country, so there is no need to declare the value of the vehicles on the  Bill of Lading (view sample)
Individuals are not allowed to handle the valuation of a car except the official custom officer.
You may pay the following charges based on customs valuation:
  • Import duty is 35% of custom valuation of a car.
  • Ecowas levy is 5%‎
  • Port levy is 7 %
  • Vat is 5%
RORO Shipping
General Information
Please, contact your designated clearing agent before the vessel arrives to get more information about clearing and local charges.
Please note that Auction Export does not handle clearing at destination. For more information about customs please click on the following link (
Steps to pick up your Vehicle arrived by RORO:
Original bill of lading is being overnight to the client  view sample
Vessel arrives to the terminal.
Cars are taken to the terminal park.
Customs inspection. Charges given to clients by their agents.
Client makes payment.
Client takes all paid documents to the terminal to retrieve the vehicle.
Several useful tips:
Please note that generally, RORO service is faster than container and overall port charges are lower at the destination, however please note that not all vehicles are eligible for RORO shipping. Please contact our shipping department to find out if the car you are buying is eligible for RORO.
The port authority issues a "Car Condition Report on each vehicle" once it arrives. We ask our clients to confirm such condition report matches the criteria of your vehicle.
Please make sure that you keep your vehicle condition report once the car arrives to the destination. This can be requested from the shipping line at the destination.

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