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Using alternative fuels for a car: what you should know

Interest in alternative fuels for cars is growing worldwide, driven both by concern for the environment and by constant increases in the prices of petroleum products. Among these alternatives, it is worth highlighting electric cars, hybrid cars and transport on hydrogen fuels.

The benefits of using alternative fuels for cars cover both economic and environmental aspects. Electric cars, for example, have zero carbon dioxide emissions and are less maintenance-intensive than traditional diesel cars. Hybrid systems that combine internal combustion engines with electric motors can reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

However, it is worth considering the disadvantages. For example, the infrastructure of charging stations for electric cars is still not as developed as for cars with internal combustion engines. Also, the cost of electric vehicles can be high, and the use of hydrogen fuels can require significant investment in production and infrastructure.

The overall findings indicate that the use of alternative fuels for vehicles has the potential to reduce negative environmental impacts and reduce dependence on petroleum resources. However, further investment in research and infrastructure is required for widespread adoption of these technologies.

Learn more about the pros and cons of using alternative fuels for cars by following the link to our article >>


Paperwork Handling!

AuctionExport will ship any of your cars to the destination port of your choice almost  anywhere in the world. Moreover, we will handle the whole documentation work that is required for the vehicle to be exported. 

Only $70 documentation fee is applied for the postage service. All original ownership and shipping documents will be mailed to the USA / Canada Customs, and then will be mailed to you by courier express post. 

The Original Bill of lading and the Car Title are sent 5-7 days prior to the vehicle's or container’s arrival. 

Buy & Ship cars with us!


All answers to your questions about our services and the purchase process are now available in our Telegram channel!

Have questions about our services or want to learn more about the purchase process? Now it's even easier! We have launched a Telegram channel where you will find answers to all your questions.

Every day, from Monday to Friday, we publish posts where we consider various aspects of our services and reveal the nuances of the purchase process.

To join our Telegram channel and get all this useful information, follow the link: Telegram. Your convenient source for all the information you need is waiting for you!


Shipping process guide

At the start of the shipping process with Auction Export, a filled out release (consignee) form is required to be uploaded or emailed by the client. The consignee information which is provided in the release form will be submitted to the shipping line and the vehicle will be released at the destination port to the person whose information appears on the form.

We will upload a dock receipt to your profile. This temporary document signifies that the car has been booked to sail on a particular vessel. A car cannot enter a port without this document. Once delivered to the port, the information on the dock receipt (such as the vessel name, date of departure and date of arrival) are subject to change at the shipping line’s discretion. The actual loading time depends on how fast the car clears Customs, the congestion at the terminal, as well as other factors. The average time from arrival at the exit port to loading is around 3 weeks.

ACL Grimaldi is the shipping line we use most often for RORO transport to Nigeria. Their terminals can be found at all major US East Coast ports. Customs clearance at these ports can take anywhere from a few days to 1 month. After your vehicle has loaded, ACL Grimaldi notifies us of the vessel name and the estimated time of arrival to the destination. As soon as we have this confirmation, we will notify you by email and change the vehicle status in your profile.

Once the vessel sets sail from the US, ACL Grimaldi will issue the original bill of lading and send it to our office. If the title has been returned by US Customs, the title will be included along with the bill of lading. If not, the title will be sent at a later date. As soon as we receive the documents at our office, we will upload a copy of the original bill of lading to your profile and send the documents via DHL to the mailing address from your consignee form. If there is an outstanding balance on the vehicle, we will keep the documents in our office until the payment is made.


Road safety: Key aspects of technology development in the automotive industry and their importance when buying a used car

In today's world, road safety is one of the priority topics, especially when it comes to choosing a used car. A recent article on our blog takes a detailed look at key aspects of the development of safety technologies in the automotive industry and their importance to buyers.

One of the main trends is the introduction of active safety systems, such as automatic braking systems, blind spot monitoring and collision warning. These technologies help to avoid accidents and reduce the risk of traumatic situations on the road.

In addition, the article considers other innovations.

We invite all those interested to join in reading the full article

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