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SPECIAL REPO DEAL! Must see and drive!

Take a look at this good-looking 2017 Mercedes-Benz C CLASS.


Mileage:40952 mi Drivetrain:4WD Engine:4 cylinder Transmission:Automatic Sale Doc:Used Keys:Master - 1pcs

FOLLOW THE LINK TO CHECK MORE DETAILS > https://www.auctionexport.com/en/Inventory/Info/2017-mercedes-benz-c-class-170476199?searchID=1182634709

The total cost of this offer will include: 

1. Your winning bid.

2. Auction fees.

3. Shipping cost.

Let us know if you have any questions: help@auctionexport.com 📧 1-416-900-33-03 📞



Dear Valued Clients,

Due to the uncertainty of Hurricane Laura and the safety of Terminal personnel, facility and cargo, Horizon (HTS) Freeport will be closed tomorrow Wednesday August 26th and Thursday August 27th.

For more details and updates feel free to contact us at shipping@auctionexport.com

Thank you


Container Service to port Harcourt is now available!

Dear Nigerian customers,

Container Service to port  Harcourt is now available!

Shipping Calculator will help you to find out how much it would cost to deliver a particular car to your destination. Simply select your country in the list and check the results.

Feel free to contact our Transportation Department shipping@auctionexport.com for exact shipping costs. 

Thank you!


250,000+ Cars online from the comfort of your home

AuctionExport provides you with premium access to all auction houses in the USA and Canada! Check almost 250,000+ Cars online, from the comfort of your home. 

How to Buy? 

1. Register > https://www.auctionexport.com/en/Profile/LogIn

2. Place a Depost of $400 or 10% of the vehicle price > https://www.auctionexport.com/en/Profile/Finance

3. Buy a CAR

AUCTIONEXPORT is a government licenced business that sells and exports cars to 120+ countries from 2007. 

The AuctionExport team can help you: 

1) Find a car of your choice on the wholesale authorized auctions of the USA and Canada.

2) Arrange shipping to the port of your destination. 

3) Handle all the paperwork and clearance at the exit port


Let us know if you have any questions:

help@auctionexport.com | +1-416-900-33-03



Buy Now VS BID

BUY NOW option means that the car has a fixed price and it can be purchased at the indicated amount. If you want to close the deal without bidding at an auction, simply click on BUYNOW and the car will be reserved for you. ❗ Shipping cost is not included in that amount.

Using the BID option, you can offer your price for the vehicle and try to win at a lower rate.

Please note that your bid amount must be higher than the current bid. Current bid is the amount placed by one of our customers.

Your bid is the amount you can offer for the vehicle you are interested in.

Let us know if you have any questions: help@auctionexport.com 📧 1-416-900-33-03 📞

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