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Shipping facts~

To All our Dear Clients,

Take advantage of our shipping prices and enjoy our innovative tools.

Did you know you can save more money with more cars being shipped?

Even if you bought the car somewhere else we can help you ship it for you!

Let us help you to have peace on mind and handle all the process in USA until you get your vehicle at your destination port.


For further questions please contact shipping@auctionexport.com




Cheaper option

To all our valued members,


were you aware that you can save on shipping costs by doing your own container?


We can store your vehicles for up to 3 months at our warehouse without storage charges as long as the container its loaded from the facility.


You can load up to 4 cars in a 40' container (depends on their sizes) and save more money $$$ to get more cars.


For more information you can send an email to shipping@auctionexport.com





Consolidation to El Salvador Now Available

To all our Valued customers,


please note that we now offer consolidation to El Salvador out of NY/ Sav/ TX and LA


For sedans price would be 1500$ ocean consolidation price. For further questions please send an email to shipping@auctionexport.com


thank you


Towable service discontinued

To all our valued clients


please note that currently we are working on this issue. AES has announced that they will not be releasing RORO Towable bookings until further notice. So all vehicles will have to be shipped by container consolidation or regular RORO.

For further questions please feel free to contact us by sending an email to shipping@auctionexport.com


thank you

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