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New Procedure for lost Lost or Missing OBLs (Grimaldi)

To all our valued members,


We have come to notice there has been a slightly increase on missing OBLs (Bill of Ladings) at destination.

Please at this time we ask you to be more careful with the handling of this important documents since the procedure to get a

duplicate has changed and become more complicated for the clients. Please find below few of the new requirements needed

in order to get a duplicate. This so far applied with Grimaldi lines


A signed LOI has to be provided along with a bank guarantee, or a Court Order stating 3 OBLS were stolen, and declared null and void.  It needs to be approved by Grimaldi Naples before a release can be authorized.

We need one of the below along with the attached LOI on their letter head.

.  Please see below options for lost OBLS.

-              supply a Bank Guarantee. (No delivery of cargo will be allowed without original B/l, unless a first class European Bank Guarantee is supplied on the Bank's headed paper. For West African ports and South American ports, which have ratified the Hamburg Rules, the Bank Guarantee must be valid for two years.


-              obtain a Court order, mentioning that the original set of B/l is lost and consequently is to be declared as null and void. This document will allow our us to issue a duplicate set of original B/L or issue a telex release in order to deliver the cargo.

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Thank you,


Your Shipping department.


Shipping Promotion ends April 10th

To all our valued clients, Please note our shipping promotion ends in 3 days time! What are you waiting for? Get your discount now! Check our website for more details.


















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To all our valued clients. Please find one of our ways of loading the vehicles for ground shipping. Because AuctionExport also likes to educate our clients, for those who didn't know how ground loading works. Please note that there are other ways of loading such as trucks with flatbeds. Thank you


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