Please note that Ports of America changed its regulations in regards to NON DRIVABLE and EXTENSIVE DAMAGED vehicles. Please note that Auction Export will now use container shipping for all extensive damaged, non drivable vehicles that have to be forklifted and are going to WEST AFRICA. All drivable vehicles without visible extensive damage will sail by RORO as usual, vehicles that are non drivable and do not have extensive damage will be accepted by RORO TOWABLE. Ports of destination will stay the same as Tincan Port for Nigeria and Tema port for Ghana.
Import Process
Issues Can Effect time of Transportation
Auction Vehicles: If the vehicle is purchased from an auction the selling party has up to 30 days to turn in the title/ownership for the vehicle. This can cause significant delays for the shipping process as the vehicle will not be picked up until the title/ownership is present. Please ask an Auction Export representative if the vehicle title/ownership is present prior to purchase to avoid this delay.

Overground Delivery duration: Certain areas of the U.S.A. have a seasonal or yearly low traffic volume increasing the amount of time elapsed between vehicle purchase and delivery to the warehouse or port. States with low traffic volume include, but are not limited to, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Delays can also occur due to bad weather conditions in the winter months. Please note that other potential delays can occur from truck breakdowns which are rare but unavoidable.

Snowbird Effect: During the pre-winter months of October and December many retirees move their cars and furniture to Florida to spend the winter in a warmer climate. This limits the amount of empty trucks moving South along the Eastern shore of the U.S.A. To ports in Georgia and Florida causing the potential delays for vehicle delivery to ports and warehouses. This trend is reversed in the pre-summer months.

Port Delays: Please be aware that delays can sometimes occur during the winter months when the ports are closed or there is lack of available containers due to bad weather conditions.
Please note, NJ customs are overburdened due to very high volume, and delays with documentation are not uncommon. When shipping RORO there may be delays due to the large volume the shipping line is experiencing, in this case, the vehicle will be loaded onto the next vessel with available cargo space.
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