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The custom duty on car import to Netherlands is almost 4.7%. Added to that, if you are an importer of Netherlands you have to pay 19% turnover tax on the value of the car.

First, you have to report that you have imported a vehicle to the customs administration. For individual owners or business dealers the customs do not vary.

For passenger cars and motorcycles, an extra charge known as BPM (private motor vehicle and motorcycle tax). It is basically a tax which has to be paid in exchange of the Dutch vehicle registration certificate. It is advised to pay the BPM tax before the car enters the border of Netherlands. Without paying this tax, you will not get the Dutch registration certificate and without that certificate you will not be able to drive the vehicle on road.

Filing an import declaration is an important part of the entire process. You have to file the declaration at the place from where you introduce the vehicle. Customs will then calculate the tax which you will have to pay.

The imported vehicle must get approval from Vehicle technology and information centre. Along with necessary documents like registration certificate and a certificate which declares the imported car eligible in the EU standards will have to be submitted in the centre. The car will be tested. Approval will follow.

The imported passenger cars and delivery vans are allowed to load maximum 2500 kg. Imported motorcycles are required to pay road tax in a continuous process.

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