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Frequently Asked Questions
Safety Advice
Membership Levels
Membership Levels
How is your membership level determined?
Your level is determined by the number of qualifying purchases you have made with AuctionExport:
  • qualifying purchase is a purchase that has been done from one (the same) client's account and has been paid in full.
Required thresholds per membership level, per calendar year:
Membership Levels Required number of purchases
Silver 3 qualifying purchases
Gold 7 qualifying purchases
Platinum 10 qualifying purchases
How to maintain your membership level
On 31 December of each year, we will check your Membership Level and qualifying purchases from the previous 12 months. To keep your membership level, you need to have a required number of qualifying purchases.
If you have not reached a required threshold, your membership level will be downgraded OR eliminated.
Silver Member
Ukryj Szczegóły
From the moment you enrolled as a Silver member, you can earn and spend bonuses with AuctionExport.
You will get benefits on your next purchases and enjoy additional services available to you. Simply mention your membership level to your sales agent when buying a car.
Your Silver Benefits:
Discounts Silver
Auto Inspection 10%
Financing 10%
Ocean insurance 10%
Any REPO car discount 100$
Vehicle History Reports 5
Gold Member
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Platinum Member
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