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Selecting the right company for shipping car to New Zealand

Deciding upon the feasibility of shipping car to New Zealand is the first step which includes estimating the expenditure after obtaining quotes from several reputed Shipping companies that provides service in shipping a car to New Zealand. The cost of shipment depends upon the size of the car as the sea freight is generally calculated upon the weight and the volume of the shipment i.e. the space occupied by the car. Selecting the shipment company will include finding about the credentials and reputation of the company and their experience in auto shipping.

While choosing the car shipping company you should carefully examine their quotations and check whether they have included the destination port rent and applicable goods and service tax in their quote or not. A shipping company that offers customized service according to the shipper’s requirements should be given preference over the others.

An international shipping company which has a complete knowledge of shipping cars can be helpful as they are well versed in all the required documentation and can complete all paper work and other formalities without any hassles. They also have their agents in all the destination ports who can take care of all the formalities when the car arrives at the destination and can obtain all clearances for you.

Reputed shipping companies will provide you all information and guidance on preparing your vehicle for shipment and will also tell you about the insurance requirements as per law and carry out the necessary documentation for the same. Moreover good shipping companies accept payment in all forms i.e. cash, certified checks, credit/debit card etc.

Shipment of car to New Zealand can be done in either a solitary container service or in a shared container. Roll on Roll off transport service is another option for shipping your car to New Zealand. All the documentations needed should be prepared well in advance so as to prevent unnecessary delay and a statement of compliance from the car manufacturer should be obtained before its shipment.

It is important that you check the gasoline levels in your car before delivering to the shipping company. It should not be more than half full as spilling may cause fire. All baggage, personal items, CD’s, cassette decks and earphones etc. should be removed from the car and any documents of personal nature should not be send in the car. Before shipping Car to Hawaii, you should make sure that it is in good driving condition with proper tires and brakes. Transmission oil and engine coolant of the car must be changed before handing over for shipment.

While making the selection you should verify the credentials of the shipping company and check whether or not they have a branch or affiliates at the destination port so that the process of receiving the car can be handled smoothly. While charges will be one of the major deciding factors, experience and credentials should not be over looked and it is advisable to pay a little extra in order to get more trustworthy service and smooth shipping of car to New Zealand.

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