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Cars from USA – exported to Netherlands

If you love cars, and want to flaunt something that looks different and comes with proud ‘foreign’ tag, then is the place for you! Now you can get all kinds of used, salvage and clean USA cars at cheapest possible prices, in the most convenient way. Just register yourself, make your bid, complete the payment, and get what you need without facing any hassles of the outside world! It really is as simple as a few mouse clicks that could make your dream come true!

Here you can get various Alfa Romeo and other car models- often even with extra modifications and attachments that besides adding more worth to your car, also gives you an edge over those who simply pick up the regular stuff from the car showrooms. In other words, the already modified and stylized versions come in very easy here.

For all those concerned about transportation and shipment, auction export provides a world class shipment facility – inland and on water, so that your vehicle like Honda can reach you via the safest routes. Though of course you will be charged extra for these services, the costs are quite minimal, especially when you consider the safety and the convenience of it.

A good idea is to check all the details of the car provided on the site, and have a clear idea about the thing you are bidding on. This is especially important when you are bidding for used or salvage cars, so that you end up feeling nothing less than satisfied when you finally have the car standing outside your door!

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