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Ghana has just successfully finished US$35 million maritime safety and securiy projec

Ghana has just successfully finished US$35 million maritime safety and security project that will enable to ensure 24/7 control of the country’s territorial waters. The investment was put into the realization of vessel traffic monitoring and information management systems.
This will make Ghana one of the most successful coutries in the sub-region introducing a surveillance system that provides every minute monitoring of vessels coming in and out of its maritime domain.

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Savannah, Georgia's Harbor Expansion Project gets green light!


The Savannah Harbor Expansion Project is authorized to begin construction. Lower prices per container slot on Post-Panamax vessels will save U.S. companies moving goods through Savannah 20 to 40 percent on transportation. Port users can realize further savings on land transit because the terminal’s location is 100 miles closer to Atlanta than any other port. A deeper harbor will fully complement the landside infrastructure improvements that are currently under way to increase the Port of Savannah’s capacity and improve services throughout our maritime logistics network.


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European Commission allows P3 network to expand into Europe


The P3 Network, consisting of Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM, was established in 2013 to facilitate global transport and make each company's operations more efficient. The P3 Network will include 255 vessels on three trade lanes: Asia – Europe, Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic. The Commission decided that this partnership does not go against EU competition laws.


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Air shipping

To all ur valued members,


did you know that AuctionExport can arrange on Air shipping too? We do not only provide ground, ocean but also Air service!

For those of you who want to have your vehicle shipped by air we can provide you a full quote.

Transit time is much faster and safer handling. Let your friends know and receive the exclusive treatment of AuctionExport.

Please send us an email to and we will be more than happy to assist.


Ship car parts with your vehicle!


Did you know that Auction Export can not only ship your car but car parts along with it as well?
Just let us know that you bought parts and want them to be shipped down to your country and we will do the rest. Please note this option is only available with vehicles going by container since RORO customs may throw the parts away when a vehicle is being inspected.
Please find more details from

Save time and money, ship fast with AuctionExport.









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