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Methods of knowing Odometer Rollback

Any person who is not a certified mechanic would find it a very complex job to roll back the odometer.Taking the car to a mechanic and getting it inspected, is one of the best ways through which one can find out whether the odometer of the car has been tampered. There are signs that need to be looked for which a mechanic who is good at his job can find out very easily.

In order to find out if the odometer has been rolled back another thing that can be done is buy a history report that can be checked. An Auto-Check vehicle history report will have the records if the odometer has been rolled back

Given below are some ways to check if there has been an odometer rollback:

  • Places like brake pedals, seats, gas as well as floor mats have extra tearing
  • Tires not matching
  • The screws in and around the dashboard are missing or signs which give away that the dashboard had been detached.
  • There is a difference in the mileage of the vehicle and that of the title.
  • The numbers on the odometer are not in a line.

One should never forget that such signs could be because of normal wear and tear in a vehicle and just because of these signs no one can say for sure that the odometer of the vehicle has been tampered with. But in order to be sure one can always get it checked by a mechanic when getting the inspection done of the car.

As it is not very easy to cover the normal wear and tear due to cost factor, the mechanic is the best person who can tell you correctly. The Odometer Fraud Investigations is a great place to know about odometer roll back.

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