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Significant Points to Remember Before Buying Used Cars from Canada.

The sale of used cars is very much in vogue these days. Compared to the new ones, you can save a lot on the purchase of old cars because old cars are bought at a reduced price than the new makes whose prices are high. Used cars are sold by both car owners and dealers. The rules are different in the various provinces of Canada therefore it is important to know the tricks of buying a good car from Canada at a cheaper price.

Before you buy a car it is important that you select the car you wish to buy. Next visit the different Consumer Unions that will give you sound advice on the actual rates of cars and also other details. Usually old cars have a cheaper price but the maintenance cost of theses vehicles is higher. With this comparative study done you will not be duped into buying old cars at high prices.

The next step for you to take is to go through the government website where the federal government has laid down all the rules regarding the purchase and sale of vehicles in the different provinces.

Having gone through the rules and regulations you must proceed to collect the necessary documents in order to export cars that you have chosen. Here again the testimonials required for the sale of the car will differ between provinces. If you wish to buy a car in British Columbia, you will have to produce the appropriate driver’s license, while in other provinces the car insurance is of utmost importance.

Keep an eye on the daily newspaper advertisements for the sale of old cars. Often people stick posters for the advertisement of their car that they intend to sell. Once you decide to buy a car that has been advertised, contact the owner. Make an appointment with him so that you can see the car that you will buy. Before seeing the car, arm yourself with valid questions regarding the vehicle’s age, its registration, why the owner wishes to dispose it and other allied questions.

Once you select the car get the UVIP from the owner. This Used Vehicle Information Package will provide you with all the important details you need in order to buy the car. This information will give you a clear idea about the car. The UVIP contains details regarding the history of the vehicle’s registration, the value of the car at that time according to the market price. It also contains details of the loans taken, if any. Make a detailed study of the UVIP so that you are certain that the investment will be a good one for you. In Ontario it is mandatory that the potential buyer is provided with the UVIP.

The last step is to fill up the application form for the Transfer to a Driver if the car is an old one and deposit it with the Vehicle Issuing Office of the province. All the taxes and fees have to be paid too before you collect a certificate of safety Standards when you get the car registered in your name.

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