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Drive your US car from New Zealand

The number of US cars travelling yearly to New Zealand is on the rise. This is because the transport between these two places has undergone a sea change. Owing to this change, it is now easier to book a car by just a click of the mouse. At the same time, it is easier to get your car delivered in front of your door without having you to face the hassles.

If you are planning to get a US car to New Zealand, you can come to They register a number of organizations who conduct shipping from US to New Zealand exclusively. There are a number of regulations that the New Zealand government has imposed on the imports. The agencies coordinate these regulations and ensure smooth shipping from US to New Zealand.

The imported vehicle has to be presented to a Transport Services Delivery agent who will inspect the car thoroughly. If you hide any little detail of the imported car, chances are there that you will be heavily fined. This norm, when found flouted can lead to the vehicles getting seized. So the complete data of the cars has to be submitted when the car reaches the shore of New Zealand.

Normally, goods and services tax of 12.5 percent on the purchase price has to be shelled out by the customers. Again a number of regulations regarding shipping have to be met. Though these regulations are almost the same in any place of the world, New Zealand government is quite eager to introduce environment friendly policies that ensure that the imported car will not create any environmental hazards.

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