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Custom Duty to Import Cars from the USA to Japan

Japan Customs Department follows strict rules, while verifying your documents, when you Import Cars from Foreign Countries. Therefore you have to be careful enough in selecting the vendor who Export Cars in the USA.

Though there are many dealers to help you with the process of importing, you must hold the basic required documents before you plan to import your dream car. There are few rules and regulations imposed by the Japanese Government and are mandatory to all of them.

To Import Cars, an Individual has to have the following documents. Foremost is the original registration certification of the vehicle especially at the origin country. Importer or shipper must show the receipt of sale during the purchase of the car. Most importantly, before the imported car enters into Japan there must be a stamp of customs on the unaccompanied declaration clearly mentioning that it is an automobile.

Importer must also have an original passport along with the working visa in Japan. You must also make a legal letter that you’ll not be reselling the bought car within 2 years period. Alien Registration Card in Japan is also a necessary document. Lastly you must hold a declaration of Customs Duty Exemption.

Document number 3 and 7 in Japan will be collected from the Shipper. Without alien registration card and working visa, Customs Duty cannot be cleared. The car must meet the motor standards of Japan, so that the further vehicle registration will be processed.

If all the documents are submitted along with the custom duty, then it just takes 3 days to complete the processing.

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