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Tips To Keep In Mind While Auto Shipping From Another State

Purchasing a new car USA from another state does not necessarily have to be a complicated process. As long as you carry the deal in a systematic format, paying your sales tax and filing the required paperwork with the concerned department of motor vehicles, there should be absolutely no issues. After all purchasing from another state can often be a good option if the market out there happens to be more competitive than the local market, or if there happens to be a new car dealer trying to attract buyers with their special prices. Do a thorough online research, especially if you want to buy car online.

Ensure you know the market prices well before settling for a given deal. This also helps guarantee that future paperwork can be done with greater ease.

Here is an idea on how to go about with export car from USA or any other place:

  1. Get the delivery timing fixed on car shipping from USA or any other state and keep the necessary papers handy to avoid time wastage, especially if traveling a lengthy distance.
  2. Since the registration and handing over the title would be done at the state of the vehicle purchase, get the necessary paperwork work done there itself. This ‘paperwork’ would include handling of documents like the sales-tax statements, temporary registration, vehicle title application and bill of sale. Once through with that, you will receive a license plate and your temporary registration from the dealership, so you can legitimately operate your vehicle for about 14 to 30 days, as you get the license plate of your own state.
  3. The concerned documents should thereafter reach you in a few weeks time, so that you can finally have your out of the state title.
  4. Now, all you need to do is take your documents to the local state vehicle department for an approval marking your title legitimate besides sales tax payment verification. Thereafter apply for the registration and title at your state. Even though the chances are that your dealer will take care of the formalities, you may have to get the titles notarized prior to making an application for your home state title. Ask your local department in case of any queries.
  5. If the vehicle has been purchased with a vehicle loan, there may be certain restrictions on the handling over of the title. Depending on the state requirements, an insurance coverage proof may also need to be provided.
  6. Ensure that all the details like address, VIN number, etc are filled out correctly.

Some important suggestions:

  • Ensure that you have a copy of all the signed paperwork; to ensure you have all the documents ready before visiting the local DMV.
  • Find out if the dealership pays sales tax to your regional DMV. If not, you may have to pay it yourself. Check if the home state and the state of purchase have a mutual mechanism to handle the sales tax matters.

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