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An Insight About Car Import In Romania

With the inclusion of Romania as a member of European Union, the market for used cars from other countries, especially the United States has increased considerably. The used cars imported from the US are very popular among locals as they are moderately priced and provide quality service for a fairly long time.

However, this environment friendly nation only imports those used vehicles which comply with Euro 3 –emission norms and are not more than 8 years old.

Thankfully, the market for new cars has not been affected by Romanian government policy of importing more used cars into this nation .Those who wish to import cars from the U.S.A are also provided with attractive financial schemes to boost the import of pre- owned cars. For hassle free and safe import of used vehicles from the United States certain rules and regulations needs to be followed.

While importing a U.S based vehicle into this nation the first and foremost requirement is the compliance of regulations and custom duty rates applicable to this country. Moreover, possession of valid documents such as ownership certificate, car invoice in original, car documents stating vehicle identification number and other car specifications is also a must. Payment of 30% tax along with VAT of 22% is also absolutely necessary.

Fortunately, shipping of used cars from the U.S.A to Romania is very easy as there are many safe and reliable auto shipping companies in the United States. They also provide excellent service at an affordable price.

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