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Export cars USA: Tidbits about car shipping & export

Exporting cars from USA is no mean feat and can be extremely strenuous especially if you are unfamiliar with the guidelines listed down by the American Customs department. The entire process of shipping & export needs careful compliance of all the laws and failing to do so will result in timely delay and also harm your finances.

Export cars USA can fall under various categories. You may have purchased a new, regal car or you may have picked up an old, used car from a dealer or you may also have bought a salvaged car from an insurance company. If your car is brand new, then your custom duties shall be calculated after considering the price that you have paid for it. Higher the value of the car, higher duty you pay! In case, you are looking to export old, used or salvaged cars, then you will also need to convince the officers that you are, now, truly, the new owner of the vehicle. That can be done by showing them a copy of the sale receipt, providing VIN number, showing your dealer’s license (for purchase during auction) and other relevant documents.

An old car has, in all likelihood, already suffered some wear & tear. Hence, you can save your shipping expenses by selecting the open trailer transport instead of the costlier enclosed one. Again, the space your car occupies in the ocean vessel shall determine the cost that you have to bear.

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