Used 2017 Ford Fusion Cars for Sale Ghana/Nigeria | Export 2017 Ford Fusion Car from USA to Ghana/Nigeria

Ford has added an excellent vehicle in the hybrid segment with its 2017 Ford Fusion. This mid-size sedan comes with many additional trims and cosmetic changes to hit the hybrid vehicle market like a storm. With its Aston Martin style grille, the 2017 Ford Fusion has a wider and lower front end. New headlights have also been added, with the base models S and SE using the projector-beam style of halogen lighting. All the models have restyled LED taillights that have been dressed up with a chrome spear.

With a 118hp electric motor that is helping the 141hp 2.0L Atkinson cycle 4 cylinder engine, you get a very quiet and smooth ride. While using the electric only operation, the 2017 Ford Fusion can go up to 85mph. However the acceleration will have to be done very gently as the gasoline engine easily kicks in with a normal acceleration. There is a 1.4 kW lithium ion battery that works the electric motor. The recharge is done through an engine driven generator and also during braking.

Unlike the earlier hybrid cars where buyers had to make compromise on the fuel efficiency, the 2017 Ford Fusion offers a good mileage. In addition to that you also get style, comfort, luxury and efficiency.

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