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Custom Duty to Import Cars to Estonia

Even though Estonia is a small country in Northeastern Europe, it is one of the countries where you can see highest number of cars per capita in the region. There were about 125 cars in Estonia per 1000 persons by the end of the Soviet Union era. The scenario has changed after the borders have opened. The figures have comparatively increased especially after the availability of used cars from other countries including the US.

Car manufacturing and export is one of the main industries in the US. There are many people in Estonia, who import cars from the US. There are certain rules for importing cars from foreign countries and registration of them in Estonia before purchasing it.

There are many online auto expo companies and other dealers, who arrange the dealings of export cars from the US if you have any plans to buy one from the country.

People who have imported cars to Estonia must be presented relevant documents for custom formalities. They have to present the vehicles for pre-registration inspection to the ARK Bureau before customs clearance and registration. You have to pay the custom duty for the motor vehicles imported to the country or rebuilt here.

VAT and import duty is applicable to all cars imported to Estonia. These imported vehicles are presented to the customer officer for getting the Customs Declaration and Customs Certificate for the registration of them in ARK Bureau. It is mandatory that the vehicle that is obtained outside Estonia must be registered within 5 days of Customs clearance.

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