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International Shipping Of Car Made Easy

If you are planning to ship your car into a foreign country, you need to make several preparations and consider several things. You have to choose from various options of shipping your car, one of which is Roll on and Roll of (RORO), or by consolidating it into a 40 feet high container tube or by an exclusive container.

Different countries have different rules for vehicle imports, registration and vehicle taxes- you need to check for them in advance. An imperative research about the area you want to transport your vehicle is necessary. Since all this procedure may take several weeks and few weeks will also be needed for transit of your vehicle, it is advisable that you make advance planning for shipping your car.

After getting the necessary paperwork related to the car ready and drawing out budget and other details you need to take following steps for car shipping from the USA:

First of all it is necessary to decide upon a moving company that will move your car. As the moving companies deal in every aspect of transportation starting from the paperwork and getting the car from your home, they are comparatively more expensive. Freight Forwarders on the other hand can be economical for you as they avoid using middlemen. Nevertheless they have all relative knowledge of the paperwork, importing rules and regulations of foreign countries and the methods of shipping.

If you decide to transport your car physically by RORO, it will be rolled directly to the ship but in case you choose to transport via containers which are for single cars the services of car loaders are required.

You have to deliver a complete set of documents to the shifting company including your registration and title deed for the vehicle that will help them to move the car from port to port. If the car is financed or leased, a notarized acknowledgment from the creditor for export is necessary. It is better to check with the local agencies and customs for getting all the details of what is required.

A Marine shipping insurance or extra insurance from the importing country needs to be taken as it is generally not provided by the shipping companies.

It is necessary that you do not forget to protect your car from extreme temperatures and bad weather before sending it to the ship. It is important to make sure that the fluids and oils do not freeze. The vehicle alarm should be shut off and the gas tank should not be more than half full. The tires and brakes should be in good working condition and please do not forget to take out all the valuables from your car which are not affixed to it.

Driving the car personally into the ship can save you money or you may opt for sending it by moving company or a freight forwarder. Also arrange for timely picking up of your car at the destination and make sure that the person going to pick up the vehicle has a valid Identity card.

Things to keep in mind for car shipping from USA:

  • A low rider vehicle may not be allowed to be transported through normal channels.
  • An exclusive container option is more expensive than using a RORO or opting for a cube container.

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