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Unlike the new car market that keeps witnessing ups and downs; the used car market shows relatively stable growth. Many people prefer to buy used cars, especially in developing countries where the disposable income is not much and the economy is still to grow. Most countries look to the international market for used cars and second hand cars in USA are much in demand all over the world. This is also because of low trade restrictions and smoother import processes.

Some of the other factors that contribute towards the growth of the used car market are:

The ownership cycle of car owners have shortened. Gone are the days when cars were a lifelong possession. Now buyers prefer to keep changing their cars every 3-4 years, thereby adding to the pool of used cars that are put up for sale.

With the advancement of technology, the quality of cars that leave the shop floor now are of better quality and offer reliability for a longer period of time, even when it has changed multiple hands.

With a more organized market, car buyers have more confidence to invest in a used car. The process is smoother and user friendly.

With online car auction sites like, making it possible for car buyers from any part of the world to buy from their chosen country, buyers now have much more choice. These companies also make sure that the import process is completely hassle free as they handle all documentation and shipping requirements.

With so many people going in for used cars, the acceptability of used cars has also increased. In fact this may be a way for most people to own their high-end dream cars, a new model of which does not fit into their budget.

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