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Car export from USA: The most vital document that US officers ask for

Some people feel jittery when they have to import a vehicle to their native country from outside USA. It is a well known fact that getting anything inside or outside America can be very difficult after the terror attacks which took place in 2001. Car export from USA, however, is not that difficult if you stick to the basic rules and follow all the guidelines.

The major thing which the officials want to check is whether the vehicle that you are exporting rightfully belongs to you or not. If you are the true owner of the vehicle, then you do have all the rights to take it out of the nation. But if you do not have the right to ownership, then you cannot claim any legal right to ship that car outside USA. In fact, that would simply tantamount to theft. Therefore, the most important document which you must produce before the officials is the title of ownership.

In general, it is required that you submit the ownership document around 3 days before the car is to be exported. That gives the authorities reasonable time to make all the verifications and enquiries. Later on, you will also have to produce the vehicle for verification, since the authorities would examine the car and check if it matches the description furnished in your document.

Thereafter, the custom authorities may also make their own verifications and may subject you to some duties. In order to avoid all these personal hassles, it would be best to take professional help for any kind of car export from USA.

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