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What are public auto auctions


Auctions are the best way to get a salvaged car or a used car in a considerable price. Salvaged cars are cars, bearing damages from accidents. Mostly these cars are sold out by the insurance companies. Though not first hand, these cars are high on demand, just because of the parts they are made of. Especially if these are cars made of USA, they are high on demand

There are two different types of auctions. Dealers’ auction and private auto auctions. In dealers’ auction, only car dealers are allowed to bid a price. Individual buyers are not allowed there, whereas public auto auctions are open to all. Anyone can bid a price. Now with, you can attend a public auto auction even sitting at a different part of the world.

Getting a car from an auction is almost like a gamble. You never know, what accident damaged the car. You can never examine the present condition of the car. You have to take the sellers word for true. Yet, on the other hand, in a considerable low price, you can bag a good car in a good condition.

Before taking part in any public auto auctions, go through its terms and conditions thoroughly. There is a law of the land. If your transaction in international, then you have to know the concerned law of the land well enough.

Experts advise; when you are buying a car from a public auto auction, get the vehicle’s identification number and check from auto check vehicle history report. You can also buy a used car extended warranty.


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