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Nissan D21

About Nissan D21

The D21 from Nissan is a pickup truck that succeeded Datsun 720. Its overall styling and double wall bed earned it the nickname 'Hardbody' in the United States. The four small lights on the 720 gave way to 2 large ones on D21. With bed lengths 6-foot and 7-foot, the two versions of D21 were classified as Standard and King or Extended respectively.

In 1993, changes which were made to the D21 were in the form of an ergonomic dashboard and improved interiors. Two years later, airbag was added to the driver's side. These pickup trucks have long life and are reliable. Except for rusting of the frame and body, nothing deteriorates in them.

Why buy a used car?

D21 pickup from Nissan is one the most reliable vehicles. Even if it is a pre-owned one, it is worth the buy for nothing really goes wrong with it. In fact you can get a good deal on a second- hand D21 which is good news especially if you are on a budget.

Where to buy used car from?

With ten years of experience, the North American web portal AuctionExport is a good place to buy a used Nissan D21. They enable buyers in other countries to get vehicles from the USA in a completely legal process. If you stay in Nigeria, you can buy Nissan D21 from USA through this website.

The process starts with registration on the website and creating an account followed by depositing a small sum in the account. Now you can browse for the car. Once you find the car, you can pay for it and buy straight away or bid for it - all depends on how the website has listed the car. In the unlikely case of you not finding a car that matches your requirements, you can order a car. After it receives the full payment for the car, AuctionExport is responsible for all the logistics and paperwork including clearance, transportation, used car shipping from Nigeria, documentation etc. till it reaches you at the pre-decided port in Nigeria.


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