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Nissan Armada

About Nissan Armada

The Armada, is an SUV from Nissan that was launched in 2004. This model is made exclusively in the USA for sale in the US and its territories, Mexico, Canada and Middle East. It is equipped with a 5.6L, 317hp V8 engine with 5-speed auto transmission. The buyers can choose between rear wheel drive and four wheel drive. The car undergone some changes since its first appearance. In 2013, Bluetooth and satellite radio became a standard feature on all cars. Also the navigation system was made Nav Weather capable with a 40GB hard drive and ability to stream audio from both the Bluetooth and USB.

Why buy a used car?

A used car has depreciation factored into it and so is much cheaper than a new model. Savings are also made on insurance due to the diminished cost of the car. These two factors make buying a pre-owned car a wise decision especially for those who are on a budget. You can get the car you want without compromising on style and without burning a hole in your pocket.

Where to buy used car from?

The good news for people in Nigeria is that it is now possible for them to buy a used Nissan Armada from the USA. They need to log onto AuctionExport website for a legal and safe way of buying the car. The portal is a trusted and verified name in the field of used car buying and selling.

To buy a car, you will need to create an account on AuctionExport and deposit a small amount in it. You can now browse through the cars on their site. In case you do not find what you want, you can leave the specification on the site and they will search it for you. However, it is very likely that you will find a car of your choice on the site. Bidding and direct buying are the two ways in which you can buy the car. AuctionExport takes care of all logistics related to used car shipping from the USA to destination port.

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