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Chevrolet Corsica was introduced in the market in 1988. It was launched to replace the Citation and become the new high-volume compact car of Chevrolet. Chevrolet Corsica was accompanied by the 2-door coupe’ version of the Chevrolet Beretta. Besides the compact car segment, Chevrolet Corsica also tapped in another hot segment, the European Sports Sedan.

In 1989, the Chevrolet Corsica LTZ model was launched with a V6 engine, tauter suspension, alloy wheels and tachometer. With minor styling alterations, it was the sporty version of the Chevrolet Corsica. To cater to the continental sensibility that looks at a more versatile approach, the Chevrolet Corsica sedan was also launched in 1989. Corsica had a long and successful run till 1996. During its entire life, the Chevrolet Corsica remained true to Chevrolet principle by offering style, with flair, decent cabin space and affordable prices.

If you are looking for a car in the compact car segment that has the new age of aero styling with European inspired sporty looks, then Chevrolet Corsica is the car for you. The easiest way to source this car is to look up used cars from USA listings and look for a used Chevrolet Corsica for sale. There are many different ways to source used cars but the one favoured by most buyers of used cars from USA is the auto auction.

If you are looking for a company that is reliable, accredited and makes the whole buying process easy, then is the company for you. We have the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council license and the Master Business License of the Government of Canada to operate in the used car business. Our online car auction is one of the best ways to buy a car at a price much less the fixed price of the car. You can also opt to buy the car at the price fixed by the seller in case you are not interested in participating in the online car auction. In both cases you can be assured of impeccable and timely delivery services.

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