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Being an upgraded version of GL class sedan, 2017 Mercedes Benz GLS is about to hit the market next year. This successor of the GL class SUV boasts of having front-engine and front-wheel drive along with 4 doors hatchback. It has the capacity to accommodate 7 passengers comfortably. The most economic edition of this version GLS350d has an engine of 255 hp V- 6 while higher models like GLS450 and GLS550 carry engines of 362 hp twin-turbo V-6 and 449 hp twin-turbo V-8 respectively. To provide adequate safety, 2017 Mercedes Benz GLS comes with cross-wind assist, collision-prevent assist and brake assist hence making the journey safer.

Comparing it with Acura ILX which has a 201 hp engine, the cars of GLS edition seem to be undoubtedly far more superior in the context of horsepower and so it is inevitable that they will provide a much better and smoother road experience. While Acura has eight speed automatic transmissions, every edition of GLS has transmission of nine speed automatic making it an extremely efficient car. Again the lowest model in the list of the GLS series has an engine of 4.7 liter base while Acura ILX only provides an engine of 2.4 liter base.

With the emergence of internet today, most of the people like to buy their car online and no doubt many of them face hardships in different manners. All such worries are gone now with Having earned the reputation of offering cars in an extremely convenient manner, they offer assistance in shipping of the car to the port of your country. While their proficiency and efficiency get reflected from their ability to handle all the documentation work to regions like Nigeria and Ghana, their customer-first approach is quite evident from their assistance during the live auction sale process over the phone. While you can select your desired car from your phone or tablet, you can also make payment via credit and bank wire transfer.

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