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Nissan Versa

About Nissan Versa

The Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan used the name Versa for some models which were known by other names in other countries. From 2006 to 2012, the sedan and hatchback (till 2013) version of Nissan Tiida was called Versa. Nissan Latio was marketed as Versa after 2013. The second generation Nissan Note too was marketed as Nissan versa Note from 2013. Thus it was not a new car that has been manufactured, but a marketing tactic.

Advantages of buying a used car

The idea of buying a used car does not appeal to most people until they are confronted with the advantages it offers. All these advantages stem from the fact that a used car is available for a much lesser price than a new one. Also, you pay less as far as insurance is concerned. So, you can get a higher end model of a used car at the same or maybe lesser cost than a basic model of a new car. Also, when you spend less on the car, you can repay the loan on it faster and can sell it to buy another one quicker.

Where to buy used car from?

You might come across advertisement for buying a used Nissan Versa from the USA. However, be careful for they might not be genuine dealers. A trusted and verified place to buy used car is AuctionExport. The website with more than ten years of experience is a leading business in the field of selling of used cars around the world. Many satisfied buyers from Nigeria will vouch having bought used cars from USA through them. It is a good place to browse and buy used Nissan versa from the USA.

Before buying the car, create an account on the site and deposit some money in it to prove your authenticity. Now browse through the cars which are categorized on the basis of the selling procedure. Finalize the car and make the payment. AuctionExport manages used car shipping from the USA, custom clearance, transportation insurance, documentation etc. till the car reaches your port of the destination in Nigeria.

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