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Brought into the world by Ford Motor as a 4 door sedan and 2 door coupe, this car is an outcome of perfect engineering mechanism to design such a fashionable and dynamic vehicle. The car has got 2.3 Liter four cylindrical engine and the features like unique grille designs, windshield set at angle of 60 degrees, improved wrap-able door frames, etc.

The car offers unique interiors and exteriors. The Ford Tempo has been the first car in its class to come up with a driver side airbag and automatically withdrawing seatbelt shoulder belts. The 1991 model had 3.0 Liter V6 engine and six trim options.


Long gone is the time, when becoming a proud owner of luxurious cars was an affordable thing for affluent class only. We do not say that prices of all new such cars have reduced but lot of options for purchasing used cars from trusted portals have been created. Yes, we all now can see and fulfill the dream of owning luxurious cars while spending little money when we have selected a trustworthy portal to buy a used car from. During such economically difficult times, this is the best way so far to surprise your dear ones with their choice of cars.


One such reliable web portal is that is fully approved by Government of Canada and is also certified by BBB. It has maintained fine reputation of selling good quality used cars at affordable prices. The process begins with registering with the website that requires very little efforts and amount, after which you are required to bid for your favorite car and make payment, that’s it. All the formalities like warehousing, custom clearance, shipping the used FORD TEMPO from USA to the destination port, etc. will be all tackled by the auctionexport itself. Visit today, and buy used FORD TEMPO, without any problems of commuting to USA, at very reasonable rates.

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