is legitimate company and not a scam. Checkout how?

Many people do research about on, some people have lot of doubts about Some people ask question is a scam? or they think will run away with their money or will take their money and never deliver car, nor they will return money, well all these are false misconceptions about, we are always here to help you as and when you required our help.

In this article we tried to give infomration on how to findout whether any website is legitimate or a scam

#1 look for Contact details of Compnay from website

Most of website involved in scam do not offer phone number or valid contact address, scam site will offer just contact us form in contact us page, as you know to get phone number company have to submit their ID proof and other details to Phone company after that only phone company give Phone connection and its not that easy to get phone connection with fake documents

If you take a look at Contact us of look at the details we given on contact us page you will find our address, phone number, fax number. You can easily find Our address on Google map, we have given direct link of Google map to locate our address. We have mentioned our Ghana address as well.

You can contact us using multiple sources such as Phone number, Fax, Email, Skype. If you call and give respective extension our customer care executive can speaks multiple language English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian.

We have separtate Transportation Department, in this department you will get answers to all your shipping related doubts.

We have Collection Department as well where you will get answer to payment related queries.

If you have any issue with accessing our wbesite you can contact our Technical Support department.

You can FIND AUTHORISED AuctionExport DEALER in Austria, Bahrain, Cambodia, Ghana, Jordan, Macedonia, Nigeria, Poland, Sweden, Togo, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates , just select country name from dropdown on contact us page and you will get address and contact number of our Authorised Dealer in respective country.

We hope above details will clear your all doubts about and you understood is legitimate company and not a scam

#2 Look For Company Registration Details and Documents given (if any)

Fraud or scam sites do not show proof of company registration, in many cases their company is unregistered and they start business without govertment approval or licence. In most of country to start Any business or company, govertment approval or licence required, if business or company start without govertment approval or licence then such business or company is conider as illegal. If you deal with illegal business or company then in case of scam or fraude by such company, it will be diffcult to find and recover your money from such company. So always get in touch with sale team of such website and ask them to show documents supporting that company got govertment approval or licence to start that particular business.

On you can find our Business registration details on about us page

A) Please review our profile on the Industry of Canada government website

Some of details mentioned in above url mentioned below, you can ceck those details with above urls

Legal Name : Deluxauto Inc.

Operating Name : AUCTION EXPORT

Company contact information
(416) 900-3303
(416) 900-3304

Products Services and licencing

Product Name: NEW/USED CARS,Online Auto Auction for Clean and Salvage cars
Product Name: Online Auto Auction :Motorcycles,Cars ,SUV,

B) Better Business Bureau (BBB)

is an unbiased organization that sets and upholds high standards for fair and honest business behaviour. Businesses that earn BBB accredited business status contractually agree and adhere to the organization’s high standards of ethical business behaviour. The first BBB was founded in 1912. Today, 128 BBBs serve communities across the U.S. and Canada, evaluating and monitoring more than 3 million local and national businesses and charities.

Here is our BBB link
In case of disputes you can contact us or you can file our compliant with BBB directly but are confident such situation will never arise.


We are registered with OMVIC here is direct link, please review

We showed you 3 links above from this you will get idea about whether AuctionExport is geniune company or a Scam.

We hope above details will clear your all doubts about and you understood is legitimate company and not a scam

#3 Checkout Social Media profile links to find out website is scam or legitimate

Scam get exposed one day and you will find lot of negative review at social media account of such scam sites so its not very diffcult to understand website is scam or legitimate by reading their reviews. Few negative review do not make any website scam, it is common to see few negative review but when 90% review are negative we have to be very cautious while dealing with such website.

Here are Social media links of

Facebook :

YouTube :

Twitter :

Google + :

You can contact us using any of above social media link and we will try to reply you in 24 hours, you will find more postive review on our Social Media account

We hope above details will clear your all doubts about and you understood is legitimate company and not a scam

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