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Used Car Auction - Things to Know About Shipping Cars to Nigeria

Are you looking to buy a branded imported car without spending lot of money on it? If your answer is yes, then your hunt ends at used car auction in the USA. Before going to buy your dream vehicle at these auctions, you should make proper preparations to get the most out of your hard earned money.

You’ll find many varieties of cars available at these auctions, as some of them will be candy for your eyes. You’ll need to be extra careful at these auctions because looks could be deceiving too, as many of those cars may either have faulty engines or deteriorated effects.

A good used car auction will allow you to have sufficient time to examine the cars meticulously. No matter how far USA is from Nigeria, internet has bought the world together. There are a number of websites that you could visit online and participate in these auctions by merely registering on the respective sites. You could view the condition of the cars over the internet and get their necessary details to finalize your deal.

The most important phase after finalizing the deal is the shipping of your car. You could start with looking into the customs regulations, preparing necessary document and duty rates. Also, look for companies that offer you cheaper rates for moving your car from the USA to Nigeria.

There are three ways you can have your car imported to Nigeria namely, RORO, 40 feet consolidated vehicle or a consolidated private vehicle. You could choose either of these options depending upon your budget. It’s best that you choose the container shipping, which is the least expensive option with reliable insurance coverage.

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