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Shipping a Vehicle to Europe

Next summer I’m planning for a tour to Europe and want to bring my car with me. I would like to send the car ahead through international shipping. Then take the flight to Los Angeles and pick my car from the port of the country from where I would start my vacation. Though I’m not yet ready with my tour schedule but I am sure to travel Italy, Germany, and Switzerland.

I would like to know whether it is possible. What information should I know about auto shipping to Europe? And I would also ask you to accompany me.

Your answer:It is absolutely possible to send your car to Europe through shipping, drive it there and then again send it back via shipping. It involves an easy process and this is what it is:

First look for a good overseas shipping company suitable for your Carlos Angeles should have many such companies and it will be easy for you to choose from them. You should see that they have a good record in international shipping.

You can send your car through RO-RO where your vehicle will be driven onto a ship or through container shipping where your car will be taken in sealed container. Discuss the shipping rates with respective company as they tend to vary.

You must be careful to have the car’s registration and insurance papers updated and ready. The license plates should be taken out from the car and carry it with you along with the papers. It is better to have the marine license for your car while it is transported through ship. Many people even get their cars insured for its foreign stay. You can get proper advice on this from your overseas shipping company and insurance company.

You will not need a new license plate to run your car on European roads; rather a tourist car needs to exhibit its original license plates and nationality sticker. This oval sticker informs about the country where the car is registered from. If you fail to display this nationality sticker, you will be fined.

Many European countries including Germany and Switzerland want you to have a warning triangle, spare bulbs and first aid box in your car.

Always remember that when you send your car to shipping company it should have less than or 1/2 of the tank filled with gas. This gas will be needed to drive off your car from the port but too much of it may cause danger during its transportation.

After your car reaches the destination and you collect it, take a look if it has been damaged in any way during the shipping. You should then fix the license plates, nationality sticker and head straight to the customs office to clear the customs duties and to do the paperwork.

And of course, be aware of the speed limits and traffic rules and signs of the different countries you are planning to visit.

Thanks for inviting me but presently I am loaded with work, many letters are left to be answered. So sorry for now. You enjoy your trip!

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