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Are you thinking of shipping your Motorhome to Europe?

Are you planning to ship your motorhome, or car from usa to Europe? You will have to do a lot of homework to start with. Find the relevant Web sites for shipping/transport services and read all of them carefully, and make lots of notes. There will be many steps that you will have to take in this venture. These companies are already experienced in auto shipping, so even if you wish to make most of the arrangements yourself, the professional Web sites will highlight the most important things in the shopping process.

If you live in Europe and wish to transport the vehicle from the USA, you have to make sure the final sales document, tax forms and vehicle registration are in order before the motorhome is moved. Find out if you need any local or regional import permits or registration, apart from the customs documentations in the country of origin and the receiving country.

In Europe, some countries have dedicated registration documents, and separate forms for temporary import and permanent import. Some nations have complex bureaucracies, but most agents in the EU countries are helpful and knowledgeable about shipping a motorhome to Europe. Remember motorized vehicles and non motorized vehicles have different requirements. For instance, car shipping from usa or bringing a motorized vehicle to the UK may require current documents on financing status and ownership. There may be import duties as well at the destination.

You will find that many shipping/transport service web sites have links to customs agencies in the other countries. This information is valuable for somebody preparing to export car from usa or ship a motorhome to Europe.

If you are considering moving a vehicle to a European country, you might have to choose between roll on/roll off shipping and container shipping. RO/RO might be less expensive but you cannot pack your personal items in your motorhome. With RO/RO service, the export cars, after being driven onto the ship, will be secured in an enclosed deck. At the final destination, it is simply driven off. Container shipping might be a better idea, depending on the size of your motorhome. You are usually allowed to include personal items in the container because you have paid for that space.

The other important question is, will your export car from usa be delivered to your door step, or is it from dock to dock? This will have an impact on the overall cost of the process. For example, assume that you have purchased a motorhome from a dealer in the US and you could arrange for it to be driven to the shipping dock, and have it driven to your door. However, you can also meet the ship at the dock and drive it away yourself. Whatever arrangements you make, be sure to have your vehicle fully insured and to have liability insurance.

The most important thing in shipping a motorhome to a European country is to have plenty of planning time, so that you are not rushed and do not miss out on important details.

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