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Shipping Cars to Puerto Rico – The complete procedure explained

If you are planning to export cars to Puerto Rico there are a few things that you must know before taking any steps. The whole procedure and paperwork can get a lot easier if you know how to go about with it in a systematic and planned way, and know well enough to know what to look forward to and what not to expect. Read ahead and be acquainted with what can guide you through the whole affair smoothly…

Shipping Cars to Puerto Rico- documents needed

If you are planning to ship cars to Puerto Rico, here the few mandatory documents that you would need to keep handy for various purposes: original car sale bill, a driver’s license copy, the card of social security, the shipped car title and your inspections certificate.

The cars go through a through inspection process. And therefore it is wise not to handle any luggage or extras in the car while importing the vehicle into the country. Keep only what is required in the car, such as the extra tire, seat, speakers, etc. Make sure that even the car tool box is kept empty. The car dimensions must not go beyond Eighty Four W X Eighty Four H x two sixty L, with at least five and a half inch ground clearance.

To pick up the car after shipping cars to Puerto Rico, keep these ready: personal photo, Personal identification, shipped car clear title, freight charges payment receipt, and receipt of local taxes paid. The car can be picked up within five days of arrival at the port.

Puerto Rico registration

Once the car has been successfully shipped it is best to get the car registered as soon as possible. For this, check with the Motor Vehicles Office at Puerto Rico. They have information centers and help desks at the office where you can know about the entire process in detail and avail all the help needed.

Taxes to be paid while shipping cars to Puerto Rico

Regardless of whether one makes a used car auction or salvage cars sale or even anonline car sales, there are certain taxes that always would need to be paid while shipping to Puerto Rico. This includes the import duty, which is best paid by making all the necessary enquires at the official place for import duties. Besides that, you would need to find out all about the excise duties payable in the country too.

Find out all about the latest tax percentage and tax system being followed in the county to ensure that you end up paying exactly what is needed, and not a penny more or less. The paperwork and process can be a bit complicated, so do your homework well in advance.

You can meet the officials personally or make enquires over the phone to find out all about the procedures that need to be followed. They may ask questions regarding the make as well as the model of the car that is shipped, to obtain certain specific details. It helps to have an adequate knowledge in Spanish to make smooth enquiries.

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