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Salvage car auction in USA sent to Nigeria

As most people would agree, an INFINITI is unequalled in its style, speed and beauty. It enhances its owner’s image and driving it is a matter of joy. The craze for an INFINITI continues unabated, not only in the USA but also in Nigeria, where good cars have always been appreciated. So if you have been wanting to own this beautiful car for a long time, then is just the right place for you to be in!

Auction export has the best cars in its inventory which it supplies to countries all over the world. The method of selling is through auctions, and you can choose from a vast range of models including Vantage models, Vanquish, DBS, DB7 or DB9 models. These can either be brand new cars or salvage cards and the prices vary according to certain factors.

Buying a car in auction export is really easy; after you have completed your side of the process by making the necessary payments and also after you have won the bid, the company handles the responsibility of shipping the car to your country and delivered to your doorstep. Their shipping methods are reliable and fully protected to safeguard your car, so you have nothing at all to worry about!

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