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Rules And Regulations To Import Cars From The USA To Czech Republic

While planning to import cars from the USA, it is better to know the necessary rules and regulations for import and export. Before importing any vehicles to the Czech Republic you must consider a set of policies, which are formulated by the customs department of the country. The significant task while importing car is shipping process, the shipping expenditure must be reasonable enough and sufficiently secure.

When it comes to documents, you may have to provide a bunch of legal documents to claim for the transport of your car. The set of documents should contain the following papers

  • Commercial invoice pertaining to the purchase of your vehicle
  • The quality certificate of the car
  • Ownership proof

There are also some special requirements that have to be fulfilled during the registration of your vehicle in the Czech Republic, for instance the mirrors have to be present on the sides of the car, steering wheel in the car should be on the left side and etc.

You have to provide all the essential documents to the Customs Department, including lading bill, proper invoice and list of packing for the shipments frights. While importing your car from the USA to Czech Republic, you have to pay import duty along with some other taxes to the government. In addition, the custom duty should be paid at the respective customs department.

Before registering your car which has to be imported to the Czech Republic, your car should be examined by Unit of Technical Inspectors. After the complete inspection, the unit will give the certificate to the owner of the car. This inspection certificate will be valid for only three months, thus you have to register your car within three months after getting the approval certificate from Technical Inspectors.

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